Preserving a Living and Dynamic Larimer Square for Decades to Come

Preserving Larimer Square with zero demolition of historic buildings. Completing one of the largest Historic Preservation projects in Colorado. Ensuring Larimer Square remains a vital and vibrant connection between Denver’s past and future for the next generation

Contributing to a Downtown Denver that Protects the Environment

Decreasing the Square’s carbon footprint by upgrading building systems and enclosures. Creating more green space in and around Larimer Square. Decreasing traffic and reliance on cars by putting homes where housing belongs – in town, close to transit, jobs, and entertainment

Delivering to All of Denver –

Affordable Housing Downtown

A minimum of 30% of new residential units will be affordable. Building a true mixed-income project. Offering a broad spectrum of affordability targeting a diverse resident base

Delivering to All of Denver –

Inclusive and Interconnected

Enhancing outreach to community groups to talk about inclusivity to ensure Larimer Square is accessible, welcoming, and a place to call home for all Denverites. Ensuring equitable access for all, including Denverites with disabilities, and consistency with the Seven Principals of Universal Design