Meet Caitlin, Our Coffee-Loving Outreach Manager

Driving into the City of Denver is one of my favorite things to do. For me, seeing the mountains slowly fill the skyline is both relaxing and rejuvenating. I’m originally from Kansas City, where we have the Kansas City Chiefs and the world’s best barbeque (in my opinion anyway), but not very many mountains.  

My background is in public outreach, especially in the context of social initiatives. I’ve worked with many wonderful non-profits and community organizations. Some of my friends and family questioned my new position as Outreach Manager with Protect Larimer Square and Urban Villages because, on the surface, it looked like a shift from what I normally do and care about. 

“Aren’t they for-profit?” My friend asked, knowing all too well my love for non-profit work. 

Yes, they are, but this project champions community conscious and sustainable business. It’s about creating market solutions and setting precedent for future preservation projects that deliver for all of Denver. That is something I will get on board with, and enthusiastically advocate for. Just ask any of my friends; they regularly get earfuls. Also, to be perfectly honest, this project is cool. I get to help Protect Larimer Square facilitate wide-reaching, intersectional outreach effortWe are advocating for open space and housing affordability in ways that help preserve history in a bustling and eclectic downtown area. It’s exciting, new, invigorating, and challenging all at the same timeWho else gets to spend their workday sharing in people’s passions and generating organized action on important issues affecting downtown Denver?  

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m managing outreach for Protect Larimer Square because I believe in it. I believe in the process, in the project, and in the vision of Urban Villages. I’m working hard to ensure that the process leverages space for underrepresented voices and gives people with passion a platform to speak and be heard.  

I love being a part of this community and speaking to people and groups about what matters to them. Larimer Square has been a part of Denver’s soul since its inceptionI hope that by being an ambassador to the community, I can find more ways to ensure Larimer Square is sustainable, inclusive, and a continuing reflection of the spirit of Denver. 

I hope you’ll join me in participating in the discussion on the future of Larimer Square. Please email me at caitlin@protectlarimersquare.com to learn more and continue the conversation. Let’s grab coffee, or at least tell me more places I can get some.