Street of 1000 Stories

“This street had a capacity for replenishing itself – for it is not so much of buildings and shops, or politics and society that Larimer is composed of today – but of types. On Larimer Street you will see more kinds of people in five minutes than you will see in any other part of Denver in five weeks.”

Larimer Square has been a treasured space in Denver for generations. Many know it as the Denver’s first block, but throughout the decades the Square has acquired new character, identities, and uses.  Almost since its inception, Larimer Square has been known as an inclusive place with a special connection to all people in Denver.

In 1927, an article titled The Street of 1000 Stories, written by author Edith Thompson, appeared in the publication Municipal Facts. In it, she tells a vibrant story of the Square as it stood in the 20s, well-loved and well used by people from all different of walks of life. “Sample the foreign flavor of Larimer Street,” she wrote, “for there are sure to be many nationalities represented at any time of day – and yet it is surprising how many, many people from every part of Denver keep running in to you – friends of yours who are swept along in this vivid panorama.”

At Protect Larimer Square, we are committed to ensuring Larimer Square is truly a space for all people of Denver, and to continuing the conversation on inclusivity in a meaningful and tangible way. Find out how you can lend your voice to the discussion or learn more here.

Title page for the story 'The Street of a Thousand Stories', there is a picture of the street on the page as well
Excerpt from "The Street of a Thousand Stories"q
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